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  • Virginia workers' compensation legislation update:
    • House Bill 378 and Senate Bill 631 (HB 378 and SB 631) have passed and will go into effect in 2018: This is the workers’ compensation medical services fee schedule bill.  It does away with the “prevailing community rate” system in Virginia as well as the presumption under that system that the provider’s charge is the prevailing community rate. 
    • More information on this bill and other workers' compensation legislation, including full copies of the proposed legislation, can be found in Virginia’s Legislative Information System by clicking here.

  • For Important Forms related to Virginia Workers' Compensation claims handling, click here.

  • The new minimum and maximum compensation rates in Virginia, for accidents after July 1, 2015: 
    • Minimum compensation rate $243.75.
    • Maximum compensation rate $975.00.

  • Cost of living adjustment (COLA), effective October 1, 2015 is 0.55 %

  • Mileage reimbursement rate remains at $0.555 per mile (no change since 2011)

  • New penalties for Virginia employers without workers' compensation insurance (effective July 1, 2014). Click here for details.

  • § 65.2-503. Permanent loss chart:

1. Thumb: 60 weeks.
2. First finger (index finger): 35 weeks.
3. Second finger: 30 weeks.
4. Third finger: 20 weeks.
5. Fourth finger (little finger): 15 weeks.
6. First phalanx of the thumb or any finger: one-half compensation for loss of entire thumb or finger.
7. Great toe: 30 weeks.
8. A toe other than a great toe: 10 weeks.
9. First phalanx of any toe: one-half compensation for loss of entire toe.
10. Hand: 150 weeks.
11. Arm: 200 weeks.
12. Foot: 125 weeks.
13. Leg: 175 weeks.
14. Permanent total loss of the vision of an eye: 100 weeks.
15. Permanent total loss of hearing of an ear: 50 weeks.
16. Severely marked disfigurement resulting from an injury not otherwise compensated by this section: not to exceed 60 weeks.
17. Pneumoconiosis, including but not limited to silicosis and asbestosis, medically determined to be in the:
                     a. First stage: 50 weeks.
                     b. Second stage: 100 weeks.
                     c. Third stage: 300 weeks.
18. Byssinosis: 50 weeks.


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